Meowkitty Sakura

I can be called Meow, Meowkitty, or Sakura. No real preference.

I study communication and art.

Likes Japan, England, manga, action movies, fashion, and cute things.



“Drink with me, to days gone by Sing with me the songs we knew. At the shrine of friendship, raise your glass high Let the wine of friendship never run dry. If I die, I die with you.”

— I don’t think enough people are aware of the cut reprise at the end of Dawn of Anguish. Because it’s heartbreaking, and then the melody fades into Castle On A Cloud. (via villierscy)

Please someone tell me where can I listen to this I never knew it existed!!!

Here you go. (The part starts at 0:51 if you don’t want to listen to the introduction.)

On a similar note, I love Grantaire’s solo from Drink with Me, which also got cut for reasons unknown. Such a tragedy…